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20% of children are affected by concussion by the age of 16 years ¹


80% of concussions don’t seek medical attention ²


30% of concussions have ongoing symptoms ¹ ³

Stats to Know

  • 75% parents don’t recognize severity of concussion symptoms even if they were at the game – OVER 70%
  • 42% were not managed according to recommended guidelines – OVER 40%
  • 19% were not immediately removed from play following the head injury – 20% OR 1 IN 5
  • 93% of parents were unaware of concussion or return to play guidelines used by their sporting organisations LESS THAN 10%

More Facts About Concussion

  •  Nearly 80% of Australians are not aware that children who have a concussion have a higher risk of another concussion.
  • 80% of Australians believe that someone with a concussion should be kept awake.
  • Nearly 40% of Australians believe that when a child is knocked unconscious they will wake up with no lasting effects.
  • Nearly 40% of Australians believe that concussion occurs only as a result of a blow directly to the head.