What is a concussion?

A concussion is a minor brain injury that is caused by force to the head or body causing movement of the brain. Concussion is generally a temporary change in brain function as opposed to a structural head injury. It is crucial that someone who experiences a concussion rests and that they are monitored during their recovery process.

Concussion is a common head injury that can occur during contact sports, as well as any activity that has a risk of impacts (e.g., horse riding, skiing, hockey, cycling). A concussion can also occur outside of sports (eg car crashes, falls from bunk beds, trampolines etc).


HeadCheck is a concussion app that assists people supporting someone with a concussion such as partners, parents, coaches and first aiders/trainers to recognise and manage recovery from concussion in adults and children aged 5-18 years. 1 in 5 children will experience a concussion by the age of 16. 40% will experience delayed symptoms in the weeks following a concussion. The HeadCheck app has been developed by concussion researchers and emergency medicine doctors from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in order to provide access to the world’s best practice in concussion education and advice.

People experience high levels of uncertainty and anxiety when managing concussion recovery. 70% of parents don’t recognise the signs and symptoms of a concussion in their child, with less than 10% of parents being aware of the return to play guidelines. The HeadCheck app can provide comfort as it guides yourself, or someone you’re supporting, through their recovery process.

“If in doubt, sit them out” – Damien Hardwick, Coach of the Richmond Football Club

Podcasts – 5 Part Series – Concussion

Neuropsychologist Professor Vicki Anderson from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute helps you understand the impacts of a concussion and explains the differences in severity of hits to the head. We go into detail on what actually happens to the brain, the steps to help diagnose and manage head injuries and the advancements in future technology.