Stats / More Facts

Stats / More Facts

101 info – concussion can cause blurry vision, headaches, etc… (link back to “About” section

Over 1000 children per year visit Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department with concussion symptoms ALL THESE ARE GOOD, ALTHOUGH I’D ROUND THEM TO:
* 75% parents don’t recognize severity of concussion symptoms even if they were at the game – OVER 70%
* 42% were not managed according to recommended concussion guidelines – OVER 40%
* 19% were not immediately removed from play following the head injury – 20% OR 1 IN 5
* 93% of parents were unaware of concussion or return to play guidelines used by their sporting organisations LESS THAN 10%
* 29% of children were allowed to return to the field the same day as their injury 1 IN 3 CHILDREN
* 27% were not assessed by a qualified person 1 IN 3…

Other facts that were provided by Audrey McKinlay and sent in an earlier email are: – ALL GOOD

* Nearly 80% of Australians are not aware that children who have a concussion have a higher risk of another concussion – clarification needed – does this mean that a child is at risk for another concussion if they have already had one or only if they haven’t fully recovered?

* 80% of Australians believe that someone with a concussion should be kept awake

* Nearly 40% of Australians believe that when a child is knocked unconscious they will wake up with no lasting effects

* Nearly 40% of Australians believe that concussion occurs only as a result of a blow directly to the head